Residency & Orientation

Residency & Orientation

Residency and Orientation

Graduate study at Utica CollegeResidency is a required component of the Utica University PPtDPT online degree program. Orientation is a required component of the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program.

No matter the event, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with faculty and your peers on a new level. You’ll apply theory to practice, learn from and inspire your peers, and participate in small and large academic sessions, clinical skills labs, and panel discussions.

What makes residency and orientation essential?

Residency and orientation provide unique, powerful opportunities to collaborate with faculty and peers, and acquire and implement new knowledge. You will engage with world-renowned faculty who are leaders in their fields and draw upon the academic and professional experiences of your peers. You’ll collaborate and build a strong learning community - a factor that can help strengthen and maintain motivation so that you’ll continue moving toward your degree.

What are you provided?

In addition to the valuable interactions with renowned faculty, hand-picked staff, and your peers, each residency student is provided with a welcome reception/dinner, breakfast and lunch on each full day, acclaimed guest speakers, printed materials, and full technological support.

Orientation students can look forward to much of the content provided to residency students, but in a rigorous, full day format.

Ready to Find Out More?

Residency and Orientation Information and Dates

Residency: Dates: Details:
January 2024 Learn more →


Prospective Students
(866) 892-6747
Current Students
(866) 295-3106

Residencies are associated with specific courses and are mandatory.  In certain circumstances, including hardship and or other exigent circumstances, the program director may excuse a student from the requirement to attend a residency. Details regarding the scheduling of residencies can be located in the Graduate Catalog.

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